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Andrew Carriere - Accordion, Vocals, T'fer

About Andrew

A French speaker from Lawtell, Louisiana, accordionist and singer Andrew Carriere brings a long family tradition into his playing. His father was the legendary Creole fiddler “Bebe” Carriere, his uncle was accordionist Eraste Carriere, and cousins Chubby, Troy, and Roy Carrier are popular in the zydeco arena. Carriere moved to the Bay Area in the ’60s, learned accordion from the late great Danny Poullard, and is the featured vocalist on the California Cajun Orchestra’s “Not Lonesome Anymore” CD.   He also leads the band “Andrew Carriere and the All Stars” and is a highly sought after singer and accordion player in the Cajun music scene.


Mark Marcin - Fiddle and Accordion

About Mark

Mark started playing guitar when he was twelve years old. After college he set aside the guitar to pursue a career as a painter. In the early 90's Mark moved to Lafayette, Louisiana where he taught painting and drawing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. During this time, Mark fell in love with Cajun, Creole, and Zydeco music. After leaving Lousiana, Mark returned to his musical routes and learned to play the accordion and fiddle. He returns to Louisiana frequently to re-absorb the music and culture. He has studied accordion with Ray Abshire, Dexter Ardoin, Jimmy Breaux, Jeffery Broussard, Jesse Lége, Ed Poullard, Dirk Powell, Steve Riley and Wilson Savoy and he has studied fiddle with David Greely, Jason Frey, Ed Poullard, Cedric Watson, Linzay Young, and the Bay Area's own Suzy Thompson. His musical influences include Octa Clark, Iry Lejeune, Aldus Roger, Nathan Abshire and Amédé Ardoin.

Mark Also plays in with the Midnite Ramblers, the Wild Catahoulas, and you may have seen Mark sit-in with local Bay Area Cajun and Zydeco bands such as Andrew Carriere and the Cajun Allstars or The Aux Cajunals. Mark is a trainer and computer graphics artist with Lucasfilm in San Francisco.


Tim Orr - drums

About Tim

Timothy Orr began playing the drums in 1976. He started playing Cajun and Zydeco music in New England in 1989, and since moving to the Bay Area in 1992, he’s been heard with many groups including the Ivy Moon All-Stars, Andrew Carriere, the Bon Vivants, Mark St. Mary, Kenny Menard, Billy Wilson and Motordude, Tete Rouge, Danny Poullard, Kevin Wimmer, Andre Thierry, Zydeco Slim, and many others. 


Tom Stewart - Guitar

About Tom

Tom Stewart began playing guitar in 1964. A lifelong student of southern roots music, Tom began playing Cajun music in 2006, studying with Bay Area renowned musicians Steve Tabak, Mark Marcin, and Billy Wilson; and at music camps in Lafayette, Louisiana with legends Sam Broussard, Blake Miller, Steve Riley, David Greely, Ed Poullard, and Chas Justus, to name a few. Tom performs in several Bay Area bands, including the Ivy Moon All-Stars, Blue Runners Trio, and Left Coast Special.